Service & Repair

At U2B Telecom, our expertise and knowhow allows us to give our customers the best after-sales service in the industry. 

Our sales, service and repair department employees are going through continuous learning process ensuring their qualifications answer your needs.  They will make sure you stay connected!  

Under warranty replacements

If you purchase a new mobile device, and problems arise within 15 days, you are entitled to the manufacturer replacement program. We will replace the defective device with a new one. Any problem reported after that initial period will be handled though repair under warranty policy. 

Repair of equipment

U2B Telecom will coordinate or simply repair your mobile device, either under or out of warranty.  Our experts will make sure you stay connected through the use of our large loaner inventory, abailable at low cost.

Our meticulous internal process allows us to rapidly diagnose problems such as updating requirements, liquid damages and any other defective condition.  Depending on the nature of the problem, many devices can be repaired locally by our qualified representatives thereby reducing repair times.  Otherwise,
 U2B Telecom will manage and coordinate repair, on behalf, with the device manufacturer.  

For more information about warranty replacements or equipment repair, we invite you to contact  us.